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Latest technology worldwilde
in reinforced concrete building construction.

TACHYDOMI S.A. is a pioneer using the method of reinforced concrete since 1991, at that time the predominant method of building construction was the conventional one (concrete columns and brickwork).

The company is driven by the continuous development in the construction and it is progressing as the equivalent technology does, in order to provide better manufacturing quality and yet keeping in mind the product’s price.

Traditional Tobacco Warehouse, Drama city

Traditional building of 7,500 sqm in the heart of Drama
with the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) license for a 5 star hotel

With feasibility study and filed an economic study to the Ministry of Finance for funding.

It consists of all the architectural, structural and engineering studies that have been made for its construction.

Clinic Construction Proposal in Heraklion

160 beds - near the University Hospital
Giofyrakia Area, Heraklion.

The plot area of 35985.30 square meters

We designed a building model that can be extended with indeterminate growth, in accordance with the requirements of modern clinics.

New advanced factory!

Quality, reliability and speed
in structural components production.

The factory uses robotic systems in order to achieve accuracy in the production of reinforced concrete elements and also provides the possibility of constructing multi-storey buildings overwhelmingly faster than the conventional construction methods, while maintaining better quality.

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  • Floor Slab
  • Double Wall
  • Septic Tank
  • PPC Column
TACHYDOMI S.A. - Floor Slab

Floor Slab

The floor slab is a “new” component for the Greek market with tremendous potential application in most building projects. Using floor slab in metallic or conventional construction, the manufacturer automatically avoids molding, plastering, half of the reinforcement and saves time, quality, economy and security.

ΤΑΧΥΔΟΜΗ Α.Ε. - Double Wall

Double Wall

The double wall is something new in the construction field in Greece. It has many potential applications in most building projects. Using the double wall the manufacturer avoids columns, molding, and plastering, half of the reinforcement and saves time and money while maintaining the quality and the high resistance against earthquakes.

ΤΑΧΥΔΟΜΗ Α.Ε. - Septic Tank

Septic Tank

The septic tank (known as sink) is used when there is no central sewer system. It is where the sewage and rain water is concentrated which is under the ground. As soon as it’s filled, the content is removed with a tanker.

ΤΑΧΥΔΟΜΗ Α.Ε. - Double PPC Column

PPC Column

TACHYDOMI SA provides integrated solutions for PPC columns with single and dual-phase clock.

Construction Method

Quality, Security, Speed, Suppleness!

The construction method that we propose is applied for decades in Europe. In Germany (where it was developed) a large proportion of residential buildings and offices (and other constructs) were built using this method.

The method is based on factory production of "double walls", i.e. wall-type sandwich which has two layers of concrete (see Figure 1a), and a gap between them. Those two layers of concrete are jointed together with a three-dimensional iron beam type “filigran” (see Figure 1b), placed at appropriate intervals.

At the site, the double-walls are placed vertically one next to the other forming the building wall. The precast slabs are placed on the top of the walls forming the floor slab.


  • Earthquake Resistance
  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Durability
  • Zero maintenance
  • Excellent insulation
  • Saving Money
  • Aesthetic result
  • Design solutions

Real Estate
Οικισμός Αθανάτοι – Κατοικίες Ίριδα - Ηράκλειο


TACHYDOMI S.A. is constructing residences with time of delivery under 80 days. The company suggests a housing estate in the village Athanati, located 7km outside Heraklion. The location is well known for its healthy climate and the preservation of nature.

A carefully selected area that meets all the necessary requirements (location, microclimate, unobstructed view) that make it truly privileged and mild growing, given the short distance from the center of Heraklion and the easy and immediate access via the National.

Trinity Village – Χανιά


Newly developed properties are offered in competitive prices at the traditional villages of Plaka and Kefalas. Both villages are near the beach and the nature, with healthy climate and quite place with foreign and local residents living together.

Near the sea, in places wild by nature, with a very healthy climate in a quiet environment with warm people

Construction Options



Hotels - Apartments


Building Complexes


Industrial Buildings

Thermal Insulation
Thermal Insulation - IVAS Thermok 8

IVAS Thermok 8

Tachydomi S.A. is a leader in the application of external thermal insulation systems since 2000, which are applied in every construction project.

Ergoepiskeves SA
Trinity Village
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