Company Profile

TACHYDOMI S.A. is a construction company that specializes in construction of houses, hotels and multi-use buildings using reinforced concrete. The company is currently in facilities of 26.000m2 in Chania and of 50.000m2 in Heraklion.


Building the future ... today!

Tachydomi S.A. - Chania

TACHYDOMI S.A. is a pioneer using the method of reinforced concrete since 1991, at that time the predominant method of building construction was the conventional one (concrete columns and brickwork).

The company is driven by the continuous development in the construction and it is progressing as the equivalent technology does, in order to provide better manufacturing quality and yet keeping in mind the product’s price. Using the method of construction of reinforced concrete achieves uniformity, consistency and provides better protection of the building from natural disasters and over time, than any other conventional method.

The company offers unlimited design possibilities that can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

All the applications meet the requirements of Earthquake Regulations PNC 200 (Protocol no: D17a/141/3/FN275).

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