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Where does this method come from?

The particular method of construction which we present is not new and it is applied for decades in Europe.

In Germany (where it was developed) a large proportion of residential buildings and offices (and other constructions) were built with this method, and the experience of the German practice has shown that it is a standard method of construction that has many advantages.

Why there are no columns?

This method uses walls of reinforced concrete. Almost all the vertical members of the building consist of bearing walls.

Instead of the conventional column-beam-plate method, Tachydomi uses walls and slabs. The conventional method uses brickwork for walls while Tachydomi uses reinforced concrete, resulting in excellent earthquake resistant behavior.

Why choose TACHYDOMI?

Because the method used provides the greatest protection against earthquakes..

Factory manufactured elements which ensure accuracy and quality.

Ensure reduction in the time of manufacture and delivery of the project.

Ensure excellent insulation.

Long life-span of the construction.

Providing flexibility in various stages of the project

  • the implementation of electromechanical plant.
  • the transport of premanufactured elements.


Excellent aesthetic results

Read more about the method and its advantages.

What about Social Security?

The SS for Greece is reduced by approximately 50% compared with a conventional construction. This is because SS assumes that the construction and placement of walls and slabs manufactured in the factory. The owner pays only the rest Social Security works.

How far can Tachydomi go in the construction?

The company can be involved since the very beginning of the project to the very last touches. It is all about the costumer needs.

Should the basement be conventional?

The basement is constructed with the same method the floors are. This very method is used across Europe for the construction of underground facilities.

What guarantees are given by TACHYDOMI?
The bearing construction provides full coverage of the strict requirements of the Greek Concrete Rules and earthquake safety regulations.

All materials, parts and equipment used in manufacturing, have warranties (from the producers and suppliers).

Upon delivery of the work Tachydomi provides a folder with all the guarantees of the project.

TACHYDOMI SA provides full service after the sale, repairs and restores any failure occur.
Joints crack?
With this new building system problems like this have been overcome. The concrete that fills the empty walls ensures a continuous monolithic structure.

The external insulation makes certain no cracking during the change of seasons.
What kind of foundation is used?

The acquisition follows the requirements and specifications of the foundation of reinforced concrete as in the conventional buildings.

What happens if the insulation fails and crack?
The insulation covers the outer surface of the building and it must be particularly resistant to both contraction-expansion and special weather conditions. In any case the company is responsible for manufacturing the insulation and partner company (IVAS HELLAS) associated with

insulation undertakes to restore any damage caused to the insulation.

Although it is not something to worry from the beginning we use this method (in the past ten years) the insulation system has not failed.
Payment method

The payment shall monitor the progress of work. Monitors staggered deadlines for its completion and the last installment is paid by the delivery of the project.


TACHYDOMI SA undertakes to promote the funding request to the partner banks to produce budget work project seeking bank financing.

What about any modifications in the building? Can I create new openings (doors/windows)?

By the method of uninterrupted cutting, concrete elements can create new openings (doors, windows) without affecting the analysis of the design of the building. The technical staff of TACHYDOMI SA can design and recommend how to safely make any modification work.

Future floor expansion?

The buildings are designed so that can bear a number of new floors in the future.

Is plastering needed?

No, the walls and slabs have flat and smooth surfaces by default.

How expensive is this method?

Despite the significant benefits available to this method, the cost remains very competitive to the conventional method.

If I have a building license can I build with Tachydomi?

A new calculation and design of the structure analysis can easy modify the license to build with TACHYDOMI SA. The cost of this work is low compared with the benefit of the cost difference in Social Security.

Do I select frames, tiles, sanitary wares?
All fittings, furniture and equipment of the building are in the absolute choice of the costumer from our cooperative stores.

There is a wide range of choice of first quality materials.
What if I have civil engineer?

The owner of land may proceed to planning and building license with his Civil Engineer. Particular attention should be given only to the calculation of structure analysis, where the company can offer expertise if needed.

What if I want to use my specialized crew for a specific work?

>Only the staff of Tachydomi can work on the construction of the building. The costumer can use a trusting specialized crew on any other works like tiles, furniture, painting, sanitary wares and gardening.

Is the construction protected near the sea?

The external insulation protects the buildings from the sea salt. Tachydomi can also furnish an existing building with external insulation.

Can you research by General Building Regulation for possible investment?
The technical staff of the company can visit the site you wish to build research on the plans and policies and guide you in how you should proceed to implement your investment
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