External thermal insulation - Economy

Tachydomi S.A. is a leader in the application of external thermal insulation systems since 2000, which are applied in every construction project.


External thermal insulation - Economy

The external thermal insulation is the answer to energy saving (up to 50%) for heating and air-conditioning.

In either old or new buildings, the external thermal insulation systems offer the following:

  • The insulation follows the architectural design and aesthetically transforms the facades of any old or new building projects.
  • Significantly increases the operational time-life of building and its resale value.
  • Prevents the formation of concentrated interior water vapor (mold etc).
  • Protects the building components from any temperature changes (shrinkage-expansion cracks etc).
  • Reinforces the masonry.
  • Protects from erosion and carburization of reinforced concrete (slag in reinforcement etc).
  • Provides high insulating properties
  • Minimizes the heat exchange from the building to the environment.
  • All the materials of the system are environmentally friendly.



IVAS Thermok 8 - Thermal Insulation
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