Real Estate in Heraklion, Crete

TACHYDOMI S.A. is constructing residences with time of delivery under 80 days. The company suggests a housing estate in the village Athanati, located 7km outside Heraklion. The location is well known for its healthy climate and the preservation of nature.

Standard Residential Complex Iris, in Heraklion Crete
Standard Residential Complex Iris, in Heraklion Crete

The Construction Company IVAS Hellas creates Iris.

ίριδα - ΠΡΟΤΥΠΟ ΣΥΓΚΡΟΤΗΜΑ ΚΑΤΟΙΚΙΩΝ This is a group of 24 autonomous and independent luxury villas, built above the top of the hill of Athanatous (the Immortals).

A carefully selected area that meets all the necessary requirements (location, microclimate, unobstructed view) that make it truly privileged and mild growing, given the short distance from the center of Heraklion and the easy and immediate access via the National Road of Heraklion - Mires.

For the construction of the houses an advanced building system of TACHYDOMI A.E. was selected combined with the innovative system for external insulation IVAS THERMO K8.

The housing components (walls and slabs) are made of high strength reinforced concrete with a consistent quality of controlled laboratory precision.

The system provides greater earthquake resistance and fire protection than the conventional construction, and achieves the minimum time of delivery of the project.

External thermal insulation system shall ensure that significant energy savings are fully protected from external factors (humidity corrosion cracking, etc.), thereby increasing the life of the building and the resale value.


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